There are Fairies in his Voice

Martin Luther King Junior had fairies in his voice.

This is something a storyteller gets to say because we deal in metaphor and are generally excused from making sense. But in this case, I don’t know what the metaphor represents - I just know that, for me, it is true. He had fairies in his voice.

When I hear recordings of his voice, I am transported to a deeply emotional and magical place. I feel a deep sadness mixed with intense motivation and joy - its a curious combination. I also feel like he is reaching out specifically to me - across time and space - in order to give me some kind of personal message - encouragement to be the best person I can be. To be authentic. To have integrity. And to be brave.

This is a storytelling thing - to have fairies in one’s voice. It is what I practice. I intentionally invite fairies into my voice when I tell stories so that others can have that emotional and magical journey. I don’t know any other way to describe it - other than fairies. Magical beings. Forces of transformation and inspiration.

I suppose “angels” could work. Or “magic spells”. Or maybe even “hypnotic tones” - but, for me, “fairies” is the right word. They are indeed powerful, but they also don’t take themselves quite so seriously.

I don’t have much data or research to back this up, but I feel like MLK was able to be powerful without taking himself too seriously. Without making it about him. There was a serenity about him that makes me comfortable with the image of “fairies” over the other options.

So I encourage you to listen to him speak. Listen to a recording of “I have a dream” or anything really - even his conversation. And listen for the fairies. You’ll know you have found them because they will begin to live in you. You will feel the magic and the transformation and maybe you will also hear a message across time and space, encouraging you to be your best self.