The Power and Impact of Storytelling at Your Next Event

David Sewell McCann

David Sewell McCann

David works with schools, businesses, and local governments to demonstrate the power and impact of conscious storytelling. His keynotes and workshops transform how communities talk to each other and how they represent themselves with those outside the community. Audiences will learn specific storytelling skills and explore how they apply in everyday personal and professional life.


Price and Availability

David will tailor a keynote or workshop experience to address your group’s specific audience and goals. Custom presentations can be created for a unique and targeted learning experience. 


Popular Topics

The Master Story

This session will focus on the concept of "master stories" and how they can inform the behavior and dynamics of groups of people. We will lay out the four tenets of developing a master story and share the importance of finding connections and using them to distill complex topics, motivate toward goals, and communicate effectively. This topic is recommended for businesses, government, or any organization needing clarity and effectiveness in their communication tools.


Storying Instead of Lecturing

Most parents know the struggle of asking, pleading, and attempting repeatedly to use logic, reason and explanation in order to change their children's behavior. And yet seldom does one see any real results. In this session, we will explain why storytelling rather than lecturing helps parents speak the language of childhood, and how this simple method can have a big impact in creating lasting change and more peaceful and pleasant family interactions. This topic is recommended for parents, educators, and anyone who wishes to communicate effectively with children.

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In a World Made of Stories, Be a Storyteller

Children, like all humans, are hard-wired to be drawn to stories. In fact, they can become the best storytellers around! In this session, we will guide kids through the process of developing and crafting their own original stories. From off-the-cuff improvisational exercises to written and storyboarded tales, David’s energizing style will give children the tools they need to unleash their creative impulses, benefiting their development in language and interpersonal skills. 

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“An “ah ha” moment today…process improvement uncovers the master story and the story matters if you want to make meaningful change. “
— Workshop Participant

Storying Your Community

Learn how to see the stories that make up our community and then how to better tell those stories to bring peace, clarity, connection, empathy, productivity and joy. Attendees will learn how to “listen for the gold”, identify and connect with the four listening types, practice the four-step Storying protocol, cast storytelling spells that will bring more transformation with less effort and ultimately help your community thrive through choosing and telling better stories.  

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How to Be Super

In this session we will help children begin to discover their “superpowers," learn how to build up their strengths, and most importantly, to understand how to use their gifts to help others. Some of the important life lessons discussed include: developing resilience, strengthening empathy and compassion, discovering the power of honesty and authenticity, valuing mistakes and challenges, and leading by example, with humility.

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Additional Live Keynote and Workshop Topics

  • You are Safe and the World Is Good: Talking to Children about Tragedy

  • How to Find Fairies in Our World: Tuning into the Natural World

  • Storytelling and the Enneagram

  • Storying American History 

  • What’s Happening: understanding the news through story

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