Online Courses

Learn and practice skills using a combination of video, interactive training and downloadable materials. Adult and child courses are created by seasoned educators to help contextualize the curriculum and build a storytelling community.

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COURSE FOR KIDS: Writing by Heart

Designed for students in Grades 3-8. Includes:

Orientation video plus Eight recorded video lessons.

  • All writers receive a “Base Camp” assignment which is a short writing practice.  Also offered are “Adventurers assignments, which are designed to deepen the work and develop a draft.

  • Voice recordings of the assignments

  • Convenience of being able to view and work with the curriculum at your own pace.· 

Enrollment Fee: $98

Just popping in to celebrate the most descriptive sentence Iris has ever written, thanks to your creativity and teaching. Thank you for being inspired with this course idea and running with it!!
— Robyn (parent of Writing by Heart participant)

CAMPS: How to be Super Camp

  • The DIY All Ages Superhero Camp

  • The DIY Violet Crown Superhero Camp

How do the Superhero Camps help children?

  • The lessons and practice will help children discover their innate talents and strengths

  • develop resilience

  • learn how to "show up" in all aspects of life

  • strengthen empathy and compassion

  • discover the power of honesty and authenticity

  • find strength in humility

  • value "mistakes" and challenges

  • learn how to lead by example

David and Meredith have been very inclusive and sensitive to my children’s needs. They are responsive as well as encouraging. My children so enjoyed the connections they built with them as well as the others in the Superhero camp!
— Willow (parent of How to Be Super camper)

COURSE: Finding the Truth in the News

We are subject to a constant incoming stream of information, opinions, and propaganda about events, politics, social, cultural, economic, and environmental matters known as The News. It can be difficult to navigate given the potency and import of what comes toward us on a local and global level, running the risk of leaving us in a perpetual state of reaction, rather than response and discernment. Through the process of Storying, we can find the still ‘Truth’ in the News.

The course consists of one video lesson, downloadable materials, and access to a Facebook group for continued practice. We guarantee that after this course, you will have more agency in finding your way through the news to find what is meaningful and truly worth your attention instead of letting others decide for you.

Enrollment Fee: $29

COURSE: Storying Birthdays and Commemorations

Want to take birthdays or festivals of time and go beyond the cake, the candles, and the gifts? Learn to create meaning in your birthdays. Wherever there is meaning… there are stories.  

The course consists of three video lessons, downloadable pdf forms, and access to a Facebook group for continued practice. We guarantee that after this course, you will have inspirational birthday celebrations for every member of your family!

Enrollment Fee: $70

David is a sincere individual with a practical magic
that can benefit us all.
— Ani Anderson


COURSE: Paying Soft Attention Free Course for Kids

In an overly saturated and stimulating world, we are all easily overwhelmed and distracted.  Where should we focus our attention?  How can we focus with so much competition from media, noise, flashy colors and advertisements wherever we go?  "Soft Attention" is an ancient skill used for hunting, gathering and gauging the weather.  It is time for us to re-learn this skill so we can navigate a media dense environment like a ranger navigating the jungle: efficiently, effectively and joyfully.  

In this one hour course, David and Meredith worked with children through chat to demonstrate and practice the lessons. This recorded course is free, but password protected. So sign up by following the prompts. No credit card necessary!

Enrollment Fee: Free of Charge

COURSE: How to Use Your Heart As a Guide Free Course for Kids

Modern children have more agency than any time in history. They are now asked to make decisions all day long - with what they eat, to how they want to spend their time and who they want to spend it with. This can be overwhelming for young children as their developing minds may not be equipped to handle the complexities of high level decision-making.

Luckily the human body has another, and some would say older, intelligence: our hearts. “Heart Thinking” is a new concept but a very old skill that children naturally employ. This course is to help them bring consciousness to their heart intelligence by teaching them what affection is, and how to use it.

In this one hour course, children will interact through chat and ask questions and practice through a live zoom webinar platform. This course is free, but password protected. So sign up by following the prompts. No credit card necessary!

Enrollment Fee: Free of Charge

COURSE FOR KIDS: Publish-Ready Writing by Heart Workshop

Designed for students in Grades 3-8. Includes:

For students who have completed Writing by Heart Writing Course

  • 8 Interactive Sessions offered to accommodate to different time zones.·   (See below for dates.)

  • An interactive Forum for students to post questions, images and writing samples and be a part of a writing community

  • The option of having your writing recorded by David and shared on a Sparkle Stories Newsletter!

Enrollment Fee: $60