With David

In thorough 30 minute sessions, David will work with you one-on-one, or with your team to find your Storyteller Type, accurately read your listeners, identify your master story and teach you the Storying protocol which will transform your life and the culture of your community. Learn storytelling techniques so that you can connect to your listener in the way we are wired, as humans, to connect.

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With Meredith

As a seasoned Waldorf Educator and Certified Enneagram Instructor, Meredith will partner with you to help you chart your course as a parent and/or teacher in designing your teaching curriculum and in guiding your children academically, socially and emotionally. Together we will listen to what your children are asking for, so that you can be best positioned to strengthen their innate capacities and and support them in areas of growth.


David is a gifted listener and in a short time was able to provide several useful tips that I plan to utilize in storying going forward. The coaching he provides is so flexible to the user’s needs and is really helpful. Highly recommend!
— Jennifer L. - Michigan
Meredith has been a guiding light for our child and in working with us to know how best to meet his needs. We are grateful everyday for her partnership and for the wisdom and encouragement that she brings to her teaching.
— Joan M. - Vermont


How Does it Work?

  1. Prior to our collaboration you will answer a few questions via email to help us learn what you’re looking to accomplish.

  2. David offers a 30 minute individualized consulting via a video chat for $120.*

  3. Meredith works in 60 minute blocks for $120*

*Discounts available for follow up or regular consultations.



Popular Personalized Consultation Topics


Find Your Storyteller Type

No two storytellers are the same. As is the case with athletes and artists, we all have natural strengths and personal strivings and David will teach you how to leverage both in your telling. Some storytellers are most effective in their honesty, some are grounded in a particular emotion, others are gifted with metaphor, while still others are best served by urgency or a need to reform their listeners. Finding your storytelling type will transform your communication and strengthen your effectiveness with listeners. 

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Understanding Listening Types

Who are you talking to?  How do they listen?  Are they wanting more detail, more emotion, more action, or more security? David will teach you the four basic listening types and how to craft your telling to attract and maintain their attention. If your telling is intended for a specific individual (perhaps your child or partner) David will help you identify which listening type they are and how to best connect and communicate with them. 

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Creating a Master Story

Every individual and every group has a master story that gives context to their motivations, behavior and understanding of the world. Master stories are the fundamental filter through which people and communities make sense of their lives - and identifying one’s own master story - or a particular community’s master story - will give you the key to being able to connect, empathize and then motivate anyone. By discovering key images, narratives and “magic words”, you will be empowered to reach your listeners and invite them into transformation.

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Storytelling for Parents 

David teaches how to use stories to calm, inspire, motivate and transform your children's behavior. We quickly assess your strengths as a storytelling, identify how your child listens and then help you find or create the best content to meet your child's needs

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Storytelling for Relationships 

Relationships are built on communication. You can better connect, empathize and collaborate in your relationships when you speak descriptively with narratively rich images. Learn how to be more authentic, honest and real in your language by using conscious storytelling

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No More Writer’s Block 

Learn David's secret to creating unparalleled amounts of high quality content in short stretches of time. From birthday cards to best selling novels, his four step process will unlock your creative flow forever.

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Meredith listens and inquires in a flexible, yet clear way toward a path of inner awareness and self-appreciation. She uses tools to support parenting, teaching, personal growth and development in ways that are gentle, yet thorough and effective.  Out of decades of both formal and experiential education, Meredith has acquired a variety of unique, yet compatible, approached to assist in the discovery to pathways of deeper understanding and greater satisfaction in personal, parenting and professional relationships.

Teaching by Heart

This is for Parents and Educators looking for guidance in delivering and/or designing an in-school or homeschool curriculum. Drawing on Meredith’s three decades teaching experience, we will assess what you are looking for to supplement your classroom, so that you can joyfully and creatively bring forth the best in your children, Head, Heart and Hands.

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Seeing My Child

Who are your children?  How do they listen?  What do they need? Utilizing the Storying Steps, the Enneagram, as well as various child-development indications, we will collaborate to better understand and best serve the children who have come to you for guidance, compassion and love. In getting to know your children better and finding ways to foster their growth and help them to thrive, we will also explore how to bring balance to their intellectual, artistic and practical skill development. As a result, you will feel more confidence and joy in your parenting, bring new life to your own growth as a teacher, and discover inspired and creative approaches to working with your children.

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The Enneagram and Storying

The Enneagram is a paradigm of human personality and inner development.  It is far more than a theoretical system, however.   It is a practical model of knowledge to help us to know ourselves and our children and to improve our relationships.  It is a road map, which can be very useful in helping us to identify our stories that can dictate how we navigate our fears, as well as desires, that motivate our behaviors.   By exploring our stories through the lens of the Enneagram, we can become better acquainted with our fears, desires and motivations, and we can be freed from them, resulting in greater peace of mind and success, as well as the discovery of our authentic Self.

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Tending Your Story with Care: Mindful Inquiry

We live our lives based on the stories that we have woven. Sometimes those stories support us, and sometimes they inhibit us. Meredith will spend time with you listening in a deep, yet safe and gentle way, as we explore your stories that define who you believe yourself to be. This is not a self-improvement plan, but rather a way of first investigating and welcoming all thoughts, feelings and sensations that are part of the present moment experience.  We then excavate the layers of these thoughts, images and sensations by looking at them each separately, not with judgment or analysis, but rather with innocent curiosity and careful, direct observation.  This process is very healing for anyone hoping to experience relief from a negative self-image and personal distress in moving toward greater capacity to rest, allow and even embrace the full human experience with profound and lasting self-love.

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