30 Minute Consultation with David


30 Minute Consultation with David

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In thorough 30 minute video sessions, David will work with you one-on-one, or with your team to help with one or more of the following:

  • Find your “Storyteller Type” or identify your communication strengths and teach you how to leverage them

  • Assess your listener and determine whether you need to focus your telling towards one of the four primary listening modalities

  • Tease out your Master Story, or the narrative that is fundamentally influencing how you see the world. Or learn how to notice clues when seeking to know someone else’s Master Story

  • Help you know what is “true” when messaging important information - helping you know how you are being understood and what subtle information you might unintentionally be broadcasting

  • How to sync up your words with your feelings so that you communicate more authentically to everyone

  • How to speak “orchestrally” to a group of people so that you keep all the listening modalities engaged.

  • Receive custom storytelling advice according to what is needed at the moment.