DIY All-Ages Superhero Camp


DIY All-Ages Superhero Camp


This 6 week online Superhero Camp is designed for children 6 years and older. Over the six weeks, your children will discover their superpowers, learn how to strengthen them, and most importantly, come to understand how to use them to help others.

The lessons and missions are inspired by and pull from several Sparkle Stories collection including Martin and Sylvia’s How to be a Superhero, Libby and Dish, Windward Ho! and all four books of the How to be Super series. Content from the stories will be referenced throughout the camp lessons and practice sessions, giving children of all ages context and inspiration from their favorite characters!

The camp is a a self-directed experience that employs videos recorded from live sessions with children around the world and printable practice exercises that can be collected into a workbook.

The All-Ages Superhero Camp will help children:

  • develop resilience

  • learn how to "show up" in all aspects of life

  • strengthen empathy and compassion

  • discover the power of honesty and authenticity

  • find strength in humility

  • value "mistakes" and challenges

  • and learn how to lead by example.

The All Ages Camp includes:

• six recorded 45 minute video lessons that include demonstrations with campers of various ages and from around the world.
• six practice sheet downloads

• advanced training practice options for children ages 9+
• Extended 30 day free trial to Sparkle Stories (plenty of time to listen to the stories referenced)

By the end of the camp, your whole family will be powered up!

Perfect for kids ages 6 and up, with additional content for campers 9 and up.

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