DIY Superhero Camp: Violet Crown Edition


DIY Superhero Camp: Violet Crown Edition


In this 8-week online do-it-yourself camp, your children will discover their superpowers, learn how to strengthen them, and most importantly, come to understand how to use them to help others.

This camp is inspired by, and pulls from, the Sparkle Stories audiobook How To Be Super: Book One - Violet Crown, in which a 12 year old boy from Austin TX discovers that he is one of 5 initiates into a secretive band of superheroes. Over the 20 stories, he undergoes superhero training, learning the four-step Prime Power Protocol. It is this training on which we have based the training in the How To Be Super Summer Camp!

The camp is a a self-directed experience that employs videos and practice exercises to guide children through a summer of transformation and discovery.

The Violet Crown Superhero Camp will help children:

  • develop resilience

  • learn how to "show up" in all aspects of life

  • strengthen empathy and compassion

  • discover the power of honesty and authenticity

  • find strength in humility

  • value "mistakes" and challenges

  • and learn how to lead by example.

This Camp includes:

• 16 video lessons, plus a welcome and a closing video
• 16 practice sheet downloads

• advanced training practice options for children ages 9+

** Plus an extended 30 day free trial of Sparkle Stories so that you can listen to the entire series (as well as any of the 1200 plus stories!)

By the end of the camp, your whole family will be powered up!

Perfect for kids ages 9 and up

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