Welcome! Thanks for your interest in the FREE “Four Steps of Storying” live video series. We will meet weekly for the months of April, May and June to continue what we started in March with the “How to Pay Soft Attention” series.

“Storying” is the ability to create stories spontaneously. It is a basic skill that is useful in parenting, educating, leading and whenever we wish to communicate more effectively. The four steps of Storying are: Attention, Affection, Approach and Allowance.

For the three videos for Part One “How to Pay Soft Attention” you can watch them on this page

In an overly saturated and stimulating world, children are easily overwhelmed and distracted. Where should they focus their attention? How can they focus with so much competition from media, noise, flashy colors and advertisements wherever they go? "Soft Attention" is an ancient skill used for hunting, gathering and gauging the weather. It is time to re-teach this skill to our children so they can navigate a media dense environment like a ranger navigating the jungle: efficiently, effectively and joyfully.

Step Two “Affection: How to Think with your Heart” begins Tuesday April 9th at 9PM EST

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