Listen Like a Storyteller Workshop

A Storytelling Training for Grown Ups


Listen Like a Storyteller

A video seminar for Attentive Adults looking for Presence and Truth in this Narrative Age

The modern world is made of stories, and the best storytellers now decide where to look, who to follow, and what is important. Whether we wish to raise resilient children or transform an entire community, listening like a storyteller is a fundamental skill now distilled into a simple practice.

Based on the Guidelines described in David Sewell-McCann‘s book Listen Like a Storyteller, David, in collaboration with Meredith Markow, will facilitate a transformational process that will lead us toward finding ourselves whole, present and attentive in what feels like a polarized, chaotic time.

By mixing short video lessons with a seminar styled interactive webinar, David will guide us through the exercises described in the book highlighting six central themes. 

Session One:  The world is made of stories

Session Two: Finding the Golden Thread

Session Three: Four Pillars of Storying

Session Four: How to Use Storytelling in Every Part of Your Life 

This Four-week seminar is the foundation of Storying and Intuitive Storytelling, but it doesn’t stop there.  You will also have access to several other workshops and seminars free of charge, and have regular opportunities to practice with David, Meredith and others enrolled in the workshop.  You will also build lasting relationships with other budding storytellers around the world.

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