How to Be Super Summer Camp 2019

“My shy, anxious child has blossomed after completing the first Sparkle Stories Summer Camp. She has become braver, and is finding her own voice now! The ongoing support David and Meredith give to campers and parents is absolutely top drawer! My daughter feels a special connection to both our Super Trainers. Their genuine enthusiasm and care for the campers is plain to see. I am a better parent for having learned the lessons alongside my young camper! We are a stronger, more connected family now. This camp makes summer magical!!”
— Traci C (mother of one of last year's "Master Campers")
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 Sparklers and Storiers!

We are so glad you want to be FIRST in line for this year’s How to Be Super Summer Camp. We don’t blame you, its going to be an inspired, transformative and super fun six weeks guaranteed!

  1. First of all the entire camp is interactive. The campers will be able to ask questions real-time with their trainers and even support other campers while they practice.

  2. This year’s camp is ALL AGES, meaning that 4 year olds will be able to participate, and 14 year olds will be able to participate. We have created an “Advanced” program for the older and returning campers that we know will engage their desire for bigger challenges.

  3. Campers will be able to practice with us through typed messages in chat, OR if you give them permission, talk to us live OR EVEN show up with live video. This was another request campers made last year. They want to SEE their friends.

Last year we used the Sparkle Stories “How to be Super” series of stories as a narrative guide to the camp. This year we will add the new Martin and Sylvia collection “How to be a Superhero” as well as examples from Libby and Dish, Windward Ho and Junkyard Tales. You need not be a subscriber to Sparkle Stories to participate in the camp, but all campers will receive a discounted access to all the stories for the duration of the summer.

Important things to know:

  1. Enrollment and pre-camp preparation begins Monday, May 6th

  2. First Lesson is during the week of June 17th

  3. Final lesson is during the week of July 22nd (the main camp is 6 weeks long)

  4. 3 bonus interactive lessons, once a month for August, September, and October.

  5. All Sparklers and How to Storiers will get a 15% discount

  6. Sparklers who were a part of last year’s camp will get very special deals (including the chance to be a CIT!)

Space is limited.

Since the curriculum is interactive, we can only support so many campers, so you are wise to put your name on this list. Please fill in all the blanks and we will update you when the camp is live and you can jump for a spot!

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