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We are so excited to get to know your camper. Can you take some time to fill out the Superhero Profile below so that we can best be prepared to meet your child? You need not fill out every part of the form - but we do need your child’s name, superhero name and the email you will be using for the Zoom video platform. Thank you!


This is for the Superhero Parent or Local Superhero Trainer. We will collect this information and use it in our individual approach to each Camper. The start (*) means that the field is required. Thank you!

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"Important note*** The video trainings are recorded and will be used to help both interactive and future DIY campers understand the lessons. Interactive campers have the option to participate via chat only, chat and voice, or chat, voice and video. We ask that you are clear with your camper if they have permission to participate via voice or video. We will assume that campers who do participate via voice or video have your permission. Camper participation will be edited out of the evergreen video (to be shared with DIY campers) but superhero names will be referenced when David repeats questions or summarizes camper experience."

Thank you all and we so look forward to meeting your Camper!