David is a dynamic and down to earth presenter. He’s a superb listener whose attunement to group needs and flexibility have served us well in workshops for the Association for a Healing Education. Our groups always feel they have been in the presence of a thoughtful and intuitive master of his craft, and are validated by him in their path to be story creators. We always wish we had more time to create magic with him as our guide.
— Connie Helms, Consultant in Waldorf Educational Support with the Association for a Healing Education
With dedication and devotion, Meredith spent countless hours trying to understand our son at his core. She joined with my husband and me in compassionate, inquisitive conversation, and shared our ultimate goal of helping our son be the best version of himself. She recognized, appreciated, and honored the gifts with which our son came into this world and customized her interactions and teaching approach with him accordingly. I truly believe that our son would not be who he is today had we not had Meredith as an integral, inextricable member of our parenting team. Our gratitude has no bounds.

— Liz P., Class parent/ Ph.D Director of Psychology UVM
David is a sincere individual with a practical magic that can benefit us all.
— Ani Anderson, Creator of Sensation-Based Mindset, Author, Speaker, Coach, Bodymind Expert
I have gained so much self-knowledge and insight from Meredith’s use of The Enneagram in helping me to navigate my own personal growth and relationships. There is so much to learn from The Enneagram, and Meredith has helped to show the way.
— DN-Michigan

David came to our school, AHB Community School, and presented a fantastic lesson on storytelling... which ended up being way beyond storytelling! David is able to take an idea, roll it around, pass it to and from and make sure that everyone’s voice is heard. As teachers, he was able to not only give us strategies and suggestions for classroom use, but he was also able to ignite our imaginations and support whatever questions or comments came his way. He is witty, engaging and so knowledgeable...he will deliver on all fronts. We will have him back without a doubt.
— Mary T. Williams, Head of School AHB COMMUNITY SCHOOL
David provided a keynote and workshop to our local government conference. His keynote was engaging, informative and a huge hit! He also led a workshop for our conference goers on storytelling and recognizing the stories around them. Overall, David was fantastic to work with, provided a great contribution to our conference experience and went above and beyond with his time. I highly recommend David for groups looking for a speaker on storytelling, the Master Story, and community engagement.
— Dan Weinheimer, Deputy County Manager Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Meredith was the non-parent parent, the third and, in many ways, strongest leg in the child-rearing stool, from whom we acquired a very good sense of how our child was developing out in the wild. She brought a seriousness to this task that was unparalleled in my experience of my children’s education, taking much of her personal time to keep in close contact with us regarding not only general classroom matters but also providing specific insight into our son’s development. When we learned that Meredith would be our son’s class teacher, we felt very fortunate. After eight years together, that feeling was confirmed many times over.
— Nelson V., Former Class Parent
The entire process was strengths-based, and I felt this was a beautiful way to teach - I felt “seen” and affirmed - and within that learning environment, I was given practical tools which will help me use my strength to communicate more effectively and confidently with my boys.
— Traci McGrath, Treehouse Learning Community teacher and parent
Meredith is a natural when it comes to tuning in and caring for others. The people with whom she works are deeply touched and forever changed.
— Jenny P. - Maryland
David’s approach is extremely valuable to governments who are looking to develop ‘sticky’ messages that resonates with a large percentage of the community.
— Kent Wyatt, Founder at Engaging Local Government Leaders Portland, Oregon Area
And as an observer and supporter to my child, I’m really impressed by the deep and rich layers that David and Meredith are creating in the writng program already…it’s really cool and has the potential to create some huge positive influences…so THANK YOU both.
— Sarah J. - Writing by Heart parent
Can’t wait for next week’s installment!!
— Robyn W. - Writing by Heart parent
My son worked so well with David and Meredith in the Superhero training. Their approach was creative, supportive and appropriately challenging.
— Sarah L. - How To Be Super Summer Camp parent
David and Meredith have been very inclusive and sensitive to my children’s needs. They are responsive as well as encouraging. My children so enjoyed the connections they built with them as well as the others in the Superhero camp!
— Willow O. - Superhero Camp parent
David and Meredith are very inclusive and sensitive to campers’ needs and they have their eyes wide open. Their ability to notice what they do in their campers is inspiring. In moments they so easily recognized aspects of my child, and I’ve been with her for 7 years and couldn’t see it. I want to learn more!
— Jodie C. - Superhero Camp parent
It is so reassuring to know that David and Meredith are willing to work with us to make this How To Be Super camp experience as joyful and fun as possible. You guys are true Superheroes in our lives. Thank you for all that you do to enrich our lives. David’s and Meredith’s gifts and vision are so needed for both children and adults as we navigate this ever changing world and struggle to find our place in it. My son is having an excellent year of being brave. He’s loving going to a new homeschool learning center and we just got back from a month long road trip from Austin to New York City where he embraced many hiking and exploring adventures. I credit the work he did with you guys for his increased confidence and willingness to face his fears.
— E.S. - parent
My shy, anxious child has blossomed after completing the first Sparkle Stories Summer Camp. She has become braver, and is finding her own voice now! The ongoing support David and Meredith give to campers and parents is absolutely top drawer! My daughter feels a special connection to both our Super Trainers. Their genuine enthusiasm and care for the campers is plain to see. I am a better parent for having learned the lessons alongside my young camper! We are a stronger, more connected family now. This camp makes summer magical!!
— Tracy C. - Superhero Mom
I’ve had a lot of fun with the How To Story Birthday course, and I wanted to say that it is so encouraging to see others taking risks with their Storying, too. I often feel like I get lost in my stories and they tend to meander a lot, but I’ve been encouraged to just “give it a shot” more and more. I have used the process of Storying in so many ways, and David is an excellent guide! His ability to clearly explain and illustrate how to use the exercises makes it so much easier for me to take risks with my storying without worrying that I am “Doing it wrong”. Meredith’s support is a huge bonus, too! Her enthusiasm and encouragement come from such a genuine place, it makes it easier to step out of my own comfort zone and practice storying without feeling self- conscious. David and Meredith are the perfect team to teach this course as their complementary skill sets work seamlessly together in providing students everything they need to succeed at storying!
— Christine - Storying Birthdays Course
The opening keynote at #ELGL18 has a room of 200 excited and energetic local gov’t leaders dead silent with his words. He is so engaging you could hear a pin drop.
— Bridget K. - conference participant
This room is absolutely rapt hearing stories from David Sewell McCann.
— Jay A. - workshop attendee
My Story Consultation with David provided me with invaluable information on how to make the best use of my latent Storying talents in my everyday conversations and communications. He quickly put me at ease, even though I started out being nervous to have him watch me as I spoke. In only 20 minutes we covered so much ground!
— Kathryn Q.
As a mother, I had been trying to help my boys move beyond a repeated conflict they were having, which I could see was a simple misunderstanding arising from their differing personality types. All of the positive and kind language I could share with them was not helping them see one another’s good intentions! In one consultation, I felt David was able to truly understand and express to me what was happening between the boys. Most importantly, David was able to name and call out my “gift” as a parent and communicator.
— Margaret P.
David’s approach is extremely valuable to governments who are looking to develop ‘sticky’ messages that resonates with a large percentage of the community.
— John T. - conference participant
Seeing the world through a story tellers eyes has the potential to transform our ways of being with one another. So glad David is in the world and helping us feel into the healing and connecting power of story.
— Olivia T. - Washington