We teach children, grown-ups and teams how to bring transformation through intentional storytelling.

David Sewell McCann

  • For CHILDREN wishing to unlock their creative potential and thrive

  • For PARENTS looking for a more joyful way to connect and motivate their children

  • For TEACHERS who need to reach students with different learning profiles

  • For GOVERNMENT TEAMS who want to turn data into effective messaging 

  • For BUSINESS MANAGERS seeking communication systems that clarify, unify and inspire authentic participation

  • For ANYONE who wants to say important things better

We are meaning making beings and we tell stories to understand the world and connect to other people.

Using descriptive language is the most effective and enduring way to relate to other people, and it is a skill that can be easily developed. Through individual consultation, group workshops or event speaking, we will introduce and deepen the most effective educational, leadership and parenting skill ever known - storying.  

Storytellers tell stories that are already created. When we "story" we create the stories while we tell them. Storytelling and Storying are both powerful skills, but they are distinct in their function and practice.

How can storytelling help you?

Learn to teach the way the brain was made to understand. No neuroscience necessary - we all love stories and attend to them naturally. Learn to teach everything from long division to microbiology with story. 

Change undesirable behavior.  Learn to find the source of challenging dynamics and use story to transform it. Essential at bedtime, in the classroom, or during the weekly staff meeting.

Find the courage to tell the truth.  Whether you’re someone needing to have a challenging conversation with a loved one, or a manager delivering difficult news to the team, or a citizen meeting with a public official, stories can relate hard truths gently and deeply.

End tedious explanations and lecturing.  Descriptive language engages the audience - from toddlers to staff to town meeting attendees. Learn to be compelling and engaging through stories.

Maximize recruitment and buy in.  Stories are the quickest way to connect to people and get them invested in the mission. Use stories to grow your teams and communities and dial up enthusiasm to new levels.

Create empathetic interactions.  Storytelling naturally builds connection and understanding - especially with challenging personalities and hot topics. Learn to genuinely connect with colleagues, neighbors and family in deep and peaceful ways.


I can tell you that she absolutely loves the class - she’s a big sunshine every time anything about the class is mentioned. I’m immensely grateful to both Meredith and David - you are such incredible adult role models!
— Sophie (parent of Writing by Heart student)
Turn gold threads into golden yarns… become a master storyteller by weaving together the narrative of your life and community. Learn how to tell stories. Outstanding lessons from this morning’s keynote!
— Nick Kittle, Engaging Local Government Leaders Conference

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Online Courses

Learn and practice skills using a combination of video, interactive training and downloadable materials. Adult and child courses are created by seasoned educators to help contextualize the curriculum and build a storytelling community.

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Through individualized consultations , you can work with David or Meredith to learn how to transform your life and the culture of your community through conscious storytelling. David can help you solve specific communication challenges and strengthen your ability to make more meaningful connections. Meredith can work with you and your children to integrate storytelling into your learning protocol.

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Parent/Teacher Mentorship

Meredith will partner with you to help you chart your course as a parent and/or teacher in designing your teaching curriculum and in guiding your children academically, socially and emotionally.


Live Events

David works with schools, businesses, and local governments to demonstrate the power and impact of conscious storytelling via keynote presentations or interactive workshops.

Thoughts from David…